About Me

Hello, I’m Andras and I have been working in the area of graphic design for over 5 years. In my portfolio you will find print, screen as well as 3D images and I often combine those in order to provide my clients with a better service a more enjoyable product experience. Thanks to my several years of experience, I’m happy to support you with my knowledge and enthusiasm throughout your whole project from the very first idea to the finished product. I take pleasure tin learning something new from every challenge and I excel at conquering the impossible so don’t be afraid to express your grand and goals. I believe that high quality work, accuracy and clear communication always pays off which is also shown by the satisfied clients I have worked with all around the globe.


2D Design Programs

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe After Effect
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Dreamweaver

3D Design Programs

3D Studio Max
Substance Designer
Marvelous Designer
Phoenix FD
Fume FX